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The Poe Mountain Horror
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24
WestShore (
24 part, R, X-File, 2/24/1997.
While a little Tennessee Mountain town revels in its new-found celebrity status as an alien abduction site, Mulder and Scully try to tell them that they are ignoring the real danger and are caught in the snare of an evil serial killer.

Alyson Strother (
1 part, G, Poem, 10/23/1994.
Poems with an X-Files theme.

Poetic Justice
M Blankenship (
1 part, PG, Story, 1/2/1995.
An X-files Forever Knight crossover which brings back an old nemesis from the first season.

Poetry for a Rainy Day
Dana Quell (
1 part, G, Vignette, 3/8/1999.
It's a rainy day, and after seven years of being Mulder's partner, is Scully finally ready to throw in the towel?

Point For You
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
Sarah Johnson (
8 part, PG, MSR, 1/12/1996.
Relatives meet on an unusual anniversary.

Randi Lynne Gross (
1 part, PG, Vignette, 12/2/1996.
Mulder examines the significance of his life

Political Ambitions
Part 1 Part 2
M Blankenship (
2 part, PG, Story, 2/19/1995.
Set shortly after the episode 'Colony', this story involves a series of murders. Mulder and Scully are assigned to protect a possible next victim. Mulder finds himself attracted to the woman they are trying to protect.

Pop Psychology
Marcia Nanc Tiersky (
1 part, PG, MSR, 3/29/2000.
What would Mulder think of Scully and CSM's conversation?

Portions of Eternity
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13
13 part, NC-17, MSR, 11/5/1998.
In the post-colonization world, a very changed Mulder and Scully struggle to find their way back to each other - both physically and emotionally.

Dantzi Jean (
1 part, G, Artwork, 1/5/2000.
Cover for "Possession."

Dantzi Jean (
14 part, PG-13, Story, 1/16/2000.
Mulder and Scully go to a southern plantation to investigate some hauntings while discovering a lot about themselves.

Post Extremis
1 part, PG, Story, 10/25/1997.
Post-Gethsemane, in the wee hours after Mulder's suicide. A prequel to "Stretched Between Gray" that answers the burning question "How *does* Mulder get his face back, anyway?"

Post Extremis 3: Clutching at Shells & iwonder
1 part, PG-13, Vignette, 9/2/1998.
A lonely man writes home.

Post Obitum
Blackwood (
1 part, PG, Vignette, 8/12/2001.
I always knew this might happen. I just didn't think it would be today.

Melissa Taylor (
3 part, PG, X-File, 2/5/1995.
After the dissolution of the X-Files division and Mulder's return from Puerto Rico, Scully gets information on a mysterious death in South Carolina. She and Mulder travel to the South to solve a mystery that might or might not be all it seems, and Scully must also deal with a personal matter from her past.

Pot Roast
Anna Adler (
1 part, PG, Story, 10/18/1994.
An event from Mulder's childhood brings some strange associations.

The Power of Standing Still
Leslie Sholly (
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 10/9/2000.
Mulder learns to stay still.

Rob Lieberman (
1 part, PG-13, Story, 4/6/1995.
Scully finds herself in danger in a deserted part of town.

Practice Makes Perfect - Version A
1 part, R, MSR, 8/28/1998.
Sex can't *always* be rockets and roman candles for Mulder and Scully... can it?

Practice Makes Perfect - Version B
1 part, R, Slash, 11/3/1998.
Sex can't *always* be rockets and roman candles for Fox and Alex... can it?

Prairie Interlude
Valoise Armstrong (
1 part, PG, Vignette, 7/22/2003.
Originally written for the IMTP Season 10 Rainy Day Challenge.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Frances Hayman (
5 part, PG, X-File, 12/4/1998.
Mulder and Scully are called to rural west Kentucky to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. Rumors of an invisible demon bring the duo face to face with a motherly old woman, a suspicious management executive, an ex-marine pastor, and finally the demon itself.

Prayer for the Dying
Alyse Wax (
1 part, PG, Vignette, 1/5/1995.
Mulder tries to rush a dying Scully to the hospital, despite many obstacles, including the incompatent third partner he's been stuck with.

Prayers Fly Up
Sue Esty (
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/5/2000.
Three weeks after Mulder's abduction, Dana Scully is introduced to her new partner.

Prayers For the Living
Olivia Williams (
1 part, PG-13, Vignette, 5/17/1997.
An continuation of the last scene in Elegy.

Praying at Gethsemane
Gil Trevizo (
1 part, PG, Story, 6/6/1997.
A continuation of how events might unfold in the conclusion to Gethsemane. No clones, no laying on hands, just a Carteresque homage to how they might resolve this.

Precious Things
Dawn (
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/13/2000.
Skinner's thoughts on the airplane to Bellefleur.

Nicola Simpson (
1 part, R, MSR, 11/25/1995.
Mulder and Scully throw snow, and caution to the wind while vacationing in the proverbial cabin in the woods. Romantic content, including sex.

Emily Siazon (
1 part, PG, Story, 5/8/2000.
Scully goes on a road trip to prove she's not predictable. Can Krycek help her? (unfinished)

Jennifer Watson (
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/26/1996.
I guess I have to give a 'ship Warning but in a weird, twisted, strange kinda way??

M (
1 part, G, Vignette, 4/19/1999.
Reminders of an undying presence. (Scully, First Person)

Present 1: The Birthday Present
1 part, G, MSR, 3/3/1996.
Mulder buys Scully a watch for her birthday. Follows "The List."

Present 2: Watches
1 part, PG, MSR, 4/5/1996.
This story takes place sometime after Scully's birthday; the things that happened afterwards, the trama, the love, the watch she chose to wear....

Preserved Sensations
Ariel (
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 3/23/1999.
A few weeks after the events of "One Son." Scully explores her own uncertain feelings regarding her own memories and Mulder.

Pretty Little Horses
Alyse Wax (
1 part, G, UST, 1/5/1995.
Mulder gets drunk on the anniversary of his sister's disappearance.

Pretty Noose
1 part, PG, UST, 8/24/1998.
Scully's reactions to the fire and all it entails. Companion piece to 'Release', 'Doll Parts', and 'Violet'.

Preventive Medicine
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 11/30/1995.
Scully's method of preventing Mulder's death as Clyde Bruckman predicted....

The Price of Denial
T Bishop (
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 9/27/1999.
Mulder and Scully discover the error of their ways the hard way.

T.E. Johnson (
1 part, PG, Story, 6/3/1996.
Mulder's date is interrupted by a call from Scully and he makes some choices about his priorities.

Private Lives
1 part, PG, Story, 6/8/1995.
Mulder and Scully run into each other while each enjoying a night on the town.

Process Of Elimination: Tat For Tit
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 10/11/2002.
Scully, augmenting. But not that way. Mulder, floating in a most peculiar way. But not like that. Confused? So are they. Read on, McDuff.

Professional to the End
Kattatonik (
1 part, R, Humor, 4/21/1999.
This is a farce/comedy, set sort of fifth season, post ReduxII. It refers to IOU and UOMe by Trustyone, which can be accessed at Gossamer, but you don't need to read them. Although I recommend them.

Part 1 Part 2
T Bishop (
2 part, PG-13, MSR, 2/19/2001.
The eighth season baby mytharc explained.

Progenesis 2: Footprints in the Sand
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20
T Bishop (
20 part, R, MSR, 2/21/2001.
Warning: This one has a bit more angst than usual.

Projekti Hämärä
Paul Leone ( & Debbie Gramlich (
1 part, PG, X-File, 2/6/1996.
Mulder and Scully must deal with Krycek to learn the truth about Melissa. (Script.)

A Promise Kept
Marissa (
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 7/1/1998.
Well, after "The End," Mulder and Scully continued to be partners. But -- okay, you'll read about that. This story is set in the year 2028. (Did I do my arithmetic right? Oh, well. The year itself doesn't really matter.) The storyteller is her nursing home attendant.

M Blankenship (
1 part, PG, Story, 10/5/1994.
Set in the future this story is an emotion filled relationship story about how Mulder deals with the death of a loved one.

K. A. Courtney (
1 part, G, Vignette, 8/6/1998.
Mulder comforts Scully in a time of stress for her.

Promises in the Dark
XScout (
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/14/2003.
How many times can one man risk himself for the truth?

The Prospects of Life and Death
Nicole Eriksen (
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/12/1997.
Scully ponders life without Mulder and with a cure for her cancer.

Aurora (
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 5/14/1999.
Scully reflects upon the reasons of her unusual survival after finding herself in the path of another deadly bullet. She remembers a time when her heart was completely alive to love, even though alien colonists threaten to extinguish that love. In remembering her past, she understands why she must find a way to join the ones she has lost to Death.

1 part, PG, Story, 6/1/1995.
Scully's voice indicated a sense of tense excitement, "Kidnapping. Several actually. It looks like they're cult related; I thought that might interest you."

Randi Lynne Gross (
1 part, PG, Story, 6/20/1996.
This was first fan-fic. I wrote it last October. Feel free to send me comments, flames, whatever. Please do! I love feedback. I got the idea from a bunch of people who were debating wether or not Scully is psychic.

Puck and Titiana
Part 1 Part 2
Sarah Johnson ( & Peregrine Craig
2 part, NC-17, MSR, 12/14/1995.
On Midsummer's Eve, Mulder and Scully attend a dance--and magic happens.

Purple Nailpolish
Kristin Pohaski (
1 part, R, MSR, 6/3/1997.
Mulder/Scully romance. A cheap bottle of nailpolish and Mulder make for a night Scully will never forget.

T Bishop (
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 6/22/1999.
Shippy, Sappy, Smut!

Michelle (
1 part, PG, X-File, 3/25/1998.
Have you seen Pusher? That's what it is.

Pusher: The Missing Scenes
1 part, PG-13, Story, 4/5/1996.
No romance, just good buds, angsty and a tiny bit of profanity (PG-13). These are the scenes we might have seen had PUSHER been a tad longer.

Putting On A Tie
Jane Matyskella (
1 part, G, Vignette, 12/29/1996.
A short scene from Terma; as Mulder is getting ready to face Congress, he is thinking about his time in Russia.

Puzzle Pieces
XScout (
1 part, PG, Vignette, 7/6/2002.
A piece of the puzzle falls into place and trust grows.




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