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This page is included for historical purposes only. The list is now defunct and no submissionas are being taken.

The EMXC, a moderated e-mailing list for X-Files fanfic, formed in the fall of 1994 in an effort to circumvent AOL's prohibition on uploading X-Files fanfic after 20th Century Fox Television's request to pull copyrighted materials. Since fanfiction is a gray area as far as copyright is concerned, AOL decided to "play it safe" and prohibited X-Files fanfiction as well. (A blatantly unfair measure because they still allowed Star Trek Fic in their public libraries.)

The EMXC works exclusively through email. All works submitted to the moderator are sent out over the EMXC mailing list, currently hosted on Yahoogroups. Stories that are longer than one part are generally sent out one part per day. All works sent out over the EMXC mailing list are automatically archived here *unless* specifically requested not to be placed on the EMXC archive. (Previously archived works can be removed at the author's request. Please send your requests to the Archivist.)

There are 3-5 mails sent every day except Friday. (This count does *not* include any News, Updates and schedules. We average 30 emails a week.) Often, we have up to 3 long works running at any given time. Every week (usually Sunday or Monday), I mail a story schedule that lists what will be sent on any given day of the week. The schedule includes Title, Author, and parts to work and also includes a tentative title list for the upcoming week.

This will hopefully give you an idea of when (if you submit a work) your work will be mailed. The EMXC will send anything creative in regards to the X-Files. :D If I receive a submission, it will be mailed. We are not limited to Fanfic alone. We mail Artwork and music as well. We do mail out erotica/NC17. But, these works will be *clearly* marked if you don't chose to download or are underage.

M/S romances are also warned of for convenience. :D Due to the moderated nature of the list you can NOT post directly to the list at large yourself. Submissions can be mailed to and you do NOT have to be a member to have your work posted here. Likewise, members do NOT have to submit work in order to be subscribed. That's all I can think of right now. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me.

Lisa (truthwebothknow1)

host EMXC
"If the Truth is copyrighted... E-mail it!"



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