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This mailing list is a relic of the 90s and is sadly no longer in operation. It was a moderated list through which authors could submit work to the list manager for distribution to members.

E-Mail X Creative was created in 1994 in response to the Fox Network requesting copyright materials be removed from websites. AOL included fan fiction in this ban, so this list was created to cirulate fan fiction in the form of email attachments from, moderated by SciNut. The online archive for EMXC was created by Pam (SYXer7/Versaphile) in 1998 at Pam did the original site design and graphics which are still used today. It was taken over by Cody from 1999 until 2006, spending the last three years of that period at its own domain -

In 2007, Lisa (truthwebothknow1) took over Mulder in Jeopardy and revived EMXC (as EMXC2), which have continued to be hosted together. It was given an update at that time, and kept mostly intact until EMXC suffered from some kind of malicious virus/attack in October 2016. After a longstanding dedication to the fandom, Lisa's real life had to take priority, leaving EMXC online but mostly inaccessible. In March 2019 volunteered to give it life saving surgery, and a teensy bit of cosmetic surgery to keep it going, hence this mirror.

As a website and fanfic archive, EMXC is truly outdated, but it remains on the web as a snapshot of the talent of the X-Philes' creative community at around the turn of the millennium, and is now archived as an archived archive.

The 2019 rebuild was scavenged from the following sources:

Thanks to RJ1013 for pointing out a couple of those locations, and to Mimic117, my Perfect(ionist) Opposite, for making me do things properly. Read more about EMXC at the FAQ page.

Paislie (IDontWannaWrestle/InsaneCop) -


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