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The Diana Thing
Part 1 Part 2
T Bishop ([email protected])
2 part, R, MSR, 10/27/1999.
Scully's finally had enough of the Diana thing.

The Difference
M Blankenship ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 8/6/1995.
The Men in Black decide that Mulder has become too great a threat. He is slated for extermination.

Dulce Vita ([email protected])
1 part, G, Vignette, 8/18/1995.
A few explorations on how the Mulder and Scully relationship might differ slightly or dramatically in different paralells, giving light to the different realms of the relationship.

Differences and Similarities
Part 1 Part 2
Angela W. ([email protected])
2 part, R, MSR, 1/30/2001.
Mulder and Scully, now married, investigate a series of killings in New York City. Crossover with the characters of S.J. Rozan.

A Different Path
Kate Buckley ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 6/11/1995.
Dana Scully glowered as she pushed the lawn mower in the sweltering heat. "It's not fair," she muttered to herself. "I'm fifteen. I need money. But can I get a job? No. I have to work my ass off at my stupid house doing my stupid chores all summer."

Dinner and Dancing
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Laurie Sarnacki ([email protected])
3 part, PG, MSR, 11/10/1996.
This is a Mulder/Scully relationship piece. So anti relationshippers you have been warned! No spoilers, just some good old romance. Rated pg! Now on with the show! :)

The Dinner Date
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Debbie Gramlich ([email protected])
5 part, PG, MSR, 9/16/1995.
Margaret Scully concocts a family dinner to give Mulder and Scully's relationship a little push.

Dirty Little Secrets
Jamie ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 8/4/1996.
Mulder learns his partner isn't who he really thinks she is....

sarah josephine ([email protected])
1 part, PG, X-File, 11/16/1998.
Mulder and Scully investigate a case that hits really close to home for Mulder.

Disastrous Realizations
Sidonie Ferguson ([email protected])
1 part, G, UST, 4/9/1998.
This story didn't start out as an X File one but I think that it could be used as one.

Disciplinary Measures *or* I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl
[email protected]
1 part, NC-17, Story, 3/2/2000.
Remember how uppity Scully got with A.D. Skinner in Triangle? The argument in Skinner's office complete with slamming doors, not to mention that spectacular elevator scene? Well, now she must pay for her insubordination. Mmm-hmm... Cheap, tawdry, and tongue-in-cheek, in more ways than one.

Discovered in a Trash Can
[email protected]
1 part, G, Humor, 4/6/1995.
Humorous collection of documents showing how a medical insurance employee might view the medical claims filed by Agent Scully over the first two seasons of the X-Files. Comic references to other fandoms.

Discovery 1: Discovery of Forgiveness
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/13/1998.
Mulder realizes what a jerk that he has been, and does something about it.

Discovery 2: Discovery of Hope
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/23/1998.
Scully receives news regarding her abduction.

Discovery 3: Discovery of a New Beginning
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/24/1998.
Mulder and Scully bring home their twins, Fox Jr. and Dana, from the hospital.

Discovery 4: Discovery of Samantha
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/25/1998.
Mulder and Scully's life turns upside down when a couple of women from Mulder's past threaten to come between Mulder and Scully's married life.

Discovery 5: Discovery of Trust
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/30/1998.
Mulder must show Scully how much he loves her instead of Diana Fowley. Will Mulder and Scully's marriage survive Scully's feelings of uncertainty?

Discovery 6: Discovery of a New Hope
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 9/6/1998.
Scully and Mulder are expecting a new addition to the family when things got complicated when they are called out to Dallas.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
Rachel Ehrentreu ([email protected])
9 part, R, Story, 9/18/1997.
Warning: This story contains scenes of rape and attempted rape. However, it can be read by the squeamish because the scenes are undetailed and as vague as possible. Time Frame: In the not too distant past. Rating: R (For violence and adult language/content)

Disquisitiones Arithmeticae: Projection
Eve11 ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 3/3/1999.
In projective space, even parallel lines meet at a single point. A family trip has unforseen consequences.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Sarah Johnson ([email protected]) & Keri Gontarek ([email protected])
4 part, PG, Story, 2/7/1996.
Teaching a class at Quantico while injured, Mulder meets the girl of his dreams, his student Angela Kent. But Angela's got some secrets, and if he falls for her, he may getting more than he bargained for.

JeriAnn Wellsley ([email protected])
1 part, PG, UST, 3/25/1997.
UST, and allusions to some MSR. A little humor injected here and there.

Divided We Fall
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
[email protected]
8 part, R, UST, 5/22/1996.
This is not a romance. The UST level, however, is off the chart. :-)

Divided We Fall 0: Divided Soul
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
[email protected]
3 part, R, Story, 6/5/1997.
A prequel to "Divided We Fall," depicting Scully's friend Cece's first visit to DC and her encounter with Mulder. But despite the way it sounds, this is *not* a Mulder/other story.

Divine Creatures
[email protected]
1 part, PG, X-File, 3/4/1999.
Usual - satanic cults in small towns.

Divine Intervention
Katherine ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 8/24/1996.
This is a little story about Scully, I got the idea after a discussion about how she must feel about her job and the conflicts between parts of her life.

Do Not Go Gentle
Sue Esty ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 3/4/1995.
(A Colony/End Game missing scene.) What did Dana do from the time Skinner gave her the information from Mr. X on Mulder's whereabouts until she shows up at the military hospital?

Do You Believe in 'True Love' Dana?
Nicole Eriksen ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/17/1997.
Takes place during "Momento Mori", Mulder learns what people mean when they say 'True Love'.

A Dog Story
Jodi Kerper ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 11/3/1995.
Mulder spends a lazy afternoon at Scully's with her dog.

Dogs of War
Paige Caldwell ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 11/23/1999.
Post "Biogenesis". A tongue-tied, twisted, earth-bound misfit returns from the Ivory Coast. The dogs of war are waiting for her... and she is waiting for them...

Dolce Far Niente
Blackwood ([email protected])

1 part, NC-17, MSR, 5/2/2002.
"How unlike me," she thinks...

Doll Parts
[email protected]
1 part, PG, UST, 8/7/1998.
So maybe Scully doesn't see it *quite* the same way...companion piece to 'Release'.

Domination of Lies
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
C Slatton ([email protected])
10 part, PG, UST, 5/23/1998.
Mulder, disillusioned with his beliefs, hauls Scully in on a case for Violent Crimes. And they stumble into a mystery that hits a little too close for home.

Don't Cry For Me
[email protected]
1 part, PG-13, UST, 12/11/1995.
"Ms. Scully, Agent Mulder tried to commit suicide. He was found earlier today surrounded by several empty bottles."

Don't Give Up Yet
Cara Pamell ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 9/30/1997.
This is my resolution to the episode Gethsemene and I challenged myself to write it as Scully is not helping Mulder with the whole thing.

Don't Leave Me
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 10/17/1998.
Scully attempts suicide after she thought that Mulder had died in a car accident, but she is saved by someone who helps bring her back.

Don't shoot me
Kate ([email protected])
1 part, G, Humor, 4/24/1998.
A shortie.

Don't You Just Want To Believe?
Jessica Sesto ([email protected])
1 part, G, X-File, 3/5/1998.
Mulder gets a tip about area 51 and 'sees the light'

The Doomed 1
Annie Reed ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 1/28/1995.
Romance alert! Following her ordeal with Donny Pfaster, Dana seeks out Mulder's company and discovers just how easily the line between friendship and love can be crossed.

The Doomed 2: Just Friends
Annie Reed ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 2/18/1995.
Romance alert! The day after the night before, Dana and Mulder spend the day together, enjoying their newfound feelings for each other.

The Doomed 3: The Day After
Annie Reed ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 3/1/1995.
Romance alert! The first day back on the job finds Dana and Mulder facing obstacles as they try to balance their professional lives with their personal relationship.

[email protected]
1 part, PG, Story, 10/2/1996.
Wrote this one a while back--right after "Pusher," I think. It is my response to an issue we discussed on the newsgroup and which I think it may behoove CC to consider as well. Let me know if you agree.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
James C. Davenport ([email protected])
6 part, PG, X-File, 6/20/1995.
The ultimate assassin; a military dream has become reality . . . and quickly descends into a nightmare. A strange abduction leads Scully and Mulder on the trail of an elusive entity which may finally hold the proof of exobiologic material, but they aren't the only ones searching for it. The two sides race to find the thing which may be an alien life form, or perhaps something even worse.

Dormi Con Mi Socio
T Bishop ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 4/18/2000.
Translation is roughly 'I Slept With My Partner' or so I am told. I took French in college, not Spanish. That said, I think the title pretty much gives it all away.

Double Agent Man
[email protected]
1 part, G, Humor, 12/8/1997.

Double Date
Angela W. ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, Story, 11/29/1999.
Bill Scully attempts to fix his sister up with Harm Rabb. Things don't go exactly as Bill had hoped.

Double Vision
Part 1 Part 2
Carol Jenner ([email protected])
2 part, PG, Story, 12/20/1995.
Mulder's dead, or so everyone is expected to believe. It's now up to Scully and the Lone Gunmen to find him before it's too late.

Part 1 Part 2
Walter G. Braxton ([email protected])
2 part, PG, Story, 2/4/1995.
Now she was nervous. Where was Mulder? Not at home, not at the office, certainly. She couldn't find him, and probably that fact shouldn't make her worry, but it did.

Doubting Angels
(Jess A.) [email protected]
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 8/9/2003.

Dozens of Pieces
Alayna ([email protected])
1 part, R, Vignette, 1/31/2000.
This story and it's follow-up are the only dark/non-MSR fics that I've ever written. It was a wild ride, and I hope you like it.

Dozens of Pieces 2: Intentional Doings
Alayna ([email protected])
1 part, R, Story, 2/1/2000.
This is the follow-up to "Dozens of Pieces". It takes place exactly where you left off at the end of DoP.

Dr. Santa Clause
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
[email protected]
3 part, PG, X-File, 2/4/1996.
Scully and Mulder investigate cases that seem to be related to postpartum depression (Baby Blues)--mothers in Middleton, Alabama, have a nasty habit of murdering their recently born babies and subsequently committing suicide.

Dragons on Fire
Hindy Z. Bradley ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, Slash, 2/24/1998.
Jackie giggled, leaning over to touch her forehead to Scully's soft hair. Scully giggled too. Mulder checked his rear view mirror and saw the two elegant ladies, heads together, giggling like schoolgirls. "What's so funny?"

Drastic Measures
[email protected]
1 part, G, MSR, 12/12/1996.
Scully must use drastic measures to keep Mulder in line... for his own good.

J. Manaski ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 11/30/1995.
This is a short set of scenes without any real plot about-- you guessed it-- dreams.

Dream Waltz
[email protected]
1 part, PG, MSR, 7/29/1998.
Scully dreams a little dream.

Dream Within a Dream
Paige Caldwell ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 6/23/1999.
Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

Dreaming of You
LITTLEvoice ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 5/28/2000.
Mulder admits his dreams... will they come true for the Christmas season?

Randi Lynne Gross ([email protected])
1 part, G, X-File, 4/19/1996.
Dana Scully has a close encounter with a person from her dream.

Dreams 1
Jenna Blaylock ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 4/3/1997.
Scully's imaginary dreams lead to....well, probably not what you think..... ;) *WARNING* Herein lies some "naughtiness" and a potential MSR. Not to mention some filthy language ;)

Dreams 2: Does He Dream?
Jenna Blaylock ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 4/5/1997.
Scully's imaginary dreams lead to....well, probably not what you think..... ;)

Dreams of a New Father
[email protected]
1 part, R, MSR, 2/3/1998.
Mulder dreams after bringing his new son home from the hospital. This is kind of a sequel to "Christmas Miracle."

A Drive To Distraction
Slippin' Mickeys ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 11/14/1999.
Mulder looking sweaty and tanned. Scully in the passenger seat, totally hot and bothered. Six years of UST. You do the math.

Drowned Silence
XScout ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 6/18/2002.
The sound of his voice is like a physical presence.

Duelling Reports
[email protected]
1 part, G, Story, 9/4/1995.
Having to read two radically different reports from Mulder and Scully about the same investigation ruins Skinner's day.

A Dying Angel
R.J. Christensen ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 4/17/1997.
As opposed to the sexual continuation of "Leonard Betts" that the naughty Kris Karter serves us in "Never Again", this was a more devote conclusion to the question of Scully's cancer (which we all know will be cured by an alien). It was written long before "Memonto Mori", which I guess is better. Heavy Angst Ahead.

Dying Wish
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
Frankcina Glass ([email protected])
10 part, PG-13, Story, 10/6/1997.
A dying wish catapults Mulder into an alternate universe; one in which he never had cause to join the FBI. Still, not all is well in Mulderland




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