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The Sacrifice
[email protected]
1 part, R, Story, 2/12/1995.
On a case involving ritual murders of children, Mulder is strangely affected.

The Sacrifice
T Bishop ([email protected]) & T Griffen ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, Humor, 1/31/2001.
This is a Sister Spooky story. Sister Spooky is known for telling highly controversial tales. If you are someone who is easily offended, sensitive, or lacking a twisted sense of humor - get out now! We feel this fulfills our legal and moral obligation to provide adequate an appropriate warning to potential readers. If you're still with us - good for you! Enjoy!

Safe At Home Revisited
Sue ([email protected])

1 part, PG, Vignette, 5/1/2002.
A roadside chat among the familiar.

Safe Haven
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Jennifer Lyon ([email protected])
3 part, PG-13, MSR, 6/27/1995.
My version of what happens after the end of the second season finale "Anasazi." Mulder and Scully hiding out on the Navajo reservation must make some difficult decisions about whom to trust. PG-13, but with M/S romance.

Amanda Trimble ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/18/1996.
A follow-up to "Irresistible", and starts up just as this episode fades out. It goes further into Mulder and Scully's thoughts on the incident in Pfaster's house and how it makes them think about their feelings for each other. This would definitely go into the romantic category.

Rotem Shahar ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 1/21/2002.
What is Scully's safe place?

Sal From 4C
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
[email protected] & [email protected]
3 part, NC-17, MSR, 8/3/1996.
Mulder and Scully have the fight to end all fights and find that making up is worth the hassle

Dantzi Jean ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Poem, 5/14/2000.
"Who are these men who would create a life, who's only purpose is to die?"

Marisa Golini
1 part, PG, Story, 5/26/1995.
This is the story of Samantha Mulder's return...or is it? You decide. The events of this story take place shortly after the first season finale.

Kate Knighten ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 11/12/1995.
A story that speculates what might've happened to Mulder's younger sister when she mysteriously disappeared.

Samantha's Destiny
Teresa Keane ([email protected])
1 part, G, Vignette, 10/3/1998.
Samantha has something to say to her older brother.

Samantha's Return
Laurie Sarnacki ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 1/20/1997.
A short story involving Samantha's Return.

Dantzi Jean ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/17/2000.
The night when two worlds collide.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
[email protected]
3 part, PG, X-File, 11/15/1999.
During a drug raid, Mulder and Scully discover a thirteen-year-old girl who may be proof of reincarnation.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
[email protected]
4 part, NC-17, MSR, 3/14/2000.
Someone from Scully's past turns out not to be who or what she thought. (unfinished)

Save Me
Part 1 Part 2
Gerry Hill ([email protected])
2 part, PG, MSR, 7/1/1997.
When Mulder and Scully are forced to make a choice, it may have deadly consequences for one of them.

Save Tonight
Jennifer Denges ([email protected])
1 part, PG, UST, 2/23/2000.
Mulder gets news from AD Skinner that he knows where Samantha is.

Saviors, Saints, and Guardians
C.Dyer ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 1/8/2001.
*Short* vignette putting the relationship of Mulder, Scully, and Doggett into a new perspective.

Say a Little Prayer
[email protected]
1 part, PG, UST, 9/12/1997.
There is Mulderangst. I wrote this at like 2:30am when I was listening to I Say a Little Prayer so I guess this is where this came from : )

Saying Goodbye 1
Randi Lynne Gross ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 9/7/1996.
Scully receives a phone call from a suicidal Mulder.

Saying Goodbye 2
Randi Lynne Gross ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 9/6/1996.
This is not a 'sequel' really. It is the same story from Mulder's perspective.

Scar Tissue
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13
Joann Humby ([email protected])
13 part, R, X-File, 11/30/1998.
It's 1988, the FBI sends Mulder out to do battle against a ruthlessly professional kidnapper. But it's more than money that's driving the kidnapper and more than a job that's driving Mulder.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11
[email protected]
11 part, R, X-File, 12/8/1998.
Until recently epilepsy carried the stereotype of violent antisocial behavior. The brain is really not much bigger than a cantaloupe, and yet so many of its diseases are still largely a mystery. In no small part because it's unethical to cut open living people's heads to find out what's inside.

Scatter 2: Signals
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
[email protected]
10 part, R, X-File, 2/8/1999.
Frequency is wavelength divided by time. The same equation holds true for visible light, radio reception and the gamma rays which are the result of nuclear weapons. Dangerous thing, a little knowledge. Sequel to "Scatter."

A Scene of Christmas UST
[email protected]
1 part, G, UST, 1/29/1996.
self-explanatory :)

Scenes We'll Never See
[email protected]
1 part, PG, MSR, 12/17/1995.
The last of my "scenes" drafted just prior to Mrs. Spooky's pulling the plug on fanfic in the relationship folder -- a Scully Thanksgiving and a scene inside a UFO. Airy nothings geared toward a specific audience.

Nicola Simpson ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 12/11/1995.
Mulder interrupts Scully in the bathtub. Romantic content.

Jennifer N. Kahng ([email protected])
1 part, G, Vignette, 9/3/1995.
Ever have one of those days? This is Mulder's day where everything comes crashing down on him and his way of dealing with it.

Screams of Joy 3: The Recliner
[email protected]
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 1/9/1999.
Mulder has to get stitches as a result for yourself.

The Script
[email protected]
1 part, PG, Story, 3/3/1999.
A man is writing a script for the Fox network.......

Becki ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Poem, 9/13/1997.
RST warning for all you anti-shippers and now on with the insight.

Tamy Erickson ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Artwork, 1/2/1998.
Pencil drawing of Gillian Anderson. (JPEG)

Scully, FBI
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Mary Greten ([email protected])
5 part, PG, X-File, 12/27/1999.
While Mulder recuperates from his experience in the Bermuda TRIANGLE and Scully must keep their vestige in the X-files afloat.

Scully High on Pheremones
Sacradio ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 10/28/1999.

Scully's Confession
Kristel St. Johns ([email protected])

1 part, PG, Vignette, 5/5/2002.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...

Scully's Encounter
Archaeopteryx Reve ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 9/16/1998.
(Scully is walking down a dark alley way, when she suddenly hears a noise behind her. Scully turns around and sees Queequag's walking corpse.)

Scully's Greatest Hits
Aurora ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 11/11/1999.
Have you ever wondered what Scully does in the shower?

Scully's Happiness
Jennifer Denges ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/21/2000.
Thank you to DD who wrote a wonderful "Shippy" episode.

Scully's Slight of Hand
[email protected]
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/11/2000.
Mulder tries to get a few tips from Scully, but Scully understands magic a great deal better than he does...This is pretty cheesy, but what the hey!

Scully's Surprise
Part 1 Part 2
Steven M. Wagner ([email protected])
2 part, PG, MSR, 12/6/1997.
Scully needs some time off and Mulder misunderstands.

Scully's Theme
Gillian W ([email protected])
1 part, G, Music, 9/1/1998.
MIDI format.




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