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Radio Silence
Chris Jones ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/4/1997.
Mulder wallows in his sorrow after Scully's abduction.

The Rage
Cody Nelson ([email protected])
2 part, PG, X-File, 2/14/1995.
Mulder and Scully investigate a rash of unexplainable violent incidents in a small California town.

Nynaeve ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 3/27/1999.
Mulder relives a few of those moments from the recent trip to Florida. No Mothmen in sight.

Rain 1
Jocelyn Delmar ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 8/21/1995.
This short story has no plot, no interesting aliens or twists to it. It is just a simple, clean 'slice of life' dealing with the characters Dana Scully and Fox Mulder

Rain 2: Dreams
Jocelyn Delmar ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 1/17/1996.
Mulder's nightmares torment him.

The Rainbow Bridge
Frances Hayman ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 10/29/1997.
Scully's journal entries in the hours and days following Queequeg's death. She tries to work through her grief and guilt, with some surprising help from Mulder.

Rainbow over the Beltway
Leslie Sholly ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 6/21/2000.
Scully's bad day takes a turn for the better.

[email protected]
1 part, G, Vignette, 9/20/2000.
Lonely musings on a stormy night.

Dreamshaper ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 5/14/1999.
A sleepless night and a discovery about love...

Reality Check
Part 1 Part 2
Angela W. ([email protected])
2 part, NC-17, MSR, 7/1/2000.
Mulder wakes up in a hospital bed and can't remember the last year of his life. Much has stayed the same, but some things are decidely different.

Reap in Joy
Leslie Sholly ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 6/4/2000.
Scully tells her mother.

A Reason to Live
Kyra ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 4/21/1996.
He ran his fingers over the cold, hard barrel of the gun and closed his eyes. As if trying to back away from the pain. He fished into the back of his mind, searching for a reason to live. (Unfinished.)

Reclaiming Christmas
Tarin Z. Kesumin ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 5/14/2000.
Ghosts of cases past help ease the trials of the present.

Recollections of a Future Passed
[email protected]
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 10/5/2000.
"I'm... I'm not sure, really. It scares me sometimes. The past is... well, that's really all it is now. The past. That's who I was... before. Not now. Not anymore."

Recording Sessions
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Chesa Baker ([email protected])
4 part, R, MSR, 5/17/1999.
Mulder is confined by something that can only be relinquished by love.

Records: Phoenix Rising
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
[email protected]
9 part, PG-13, Story, 10/5/1998.
A records clerk helps Mulder and Scully start up again after the fire.

The Red and the Black
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, G, MSR, 7/31/1998.
Mulder has a new obsession, and he decides to take Scully to see Les Miserables for their first date.

Red Valerian 1
Dasha K ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, Vignette, 9/13/1998.
Skinner and Scully on a late night.

Red Valerian 2: Everything But The Girl
Dasha K ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 9/14/1998.
Scully makes a decision that affects three lives. A follow-up to "Red Valerian".

Red Valerian 3: Cleopatra
Dasha K ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 9/15/1998.
This is the third in the "Red Valerian" series. You really should read "Red Valerian" and "Everything But the Girl" before reading this one.

Red Valerian 4: Two Voices
Dasha K ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 9/16/1998.
Mulder achieves clarity and two voices become one. Fourth story in the "Red Valerian" series.

Red Valerian 5: Friction
Dasha K ([email protected])
1 part, R, MSR, 9/19/1998.
Friction- resistance offered to moving bodies.

Red Valerian - Complete Series
Dasha K ([email protected])
10 parts, NC-17, SSR, MSR.
In all there were ten Red Valerian stories, only five were originally archived here, but this file contains all 10 [2019 Archivist]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21
Christina Ortega ([email protected])
21 part, PG-13, Story, 9/3/1998.
The day has arrived for Alex Krycek to pay for his sins, but what payment will be enough for all the things that he has done?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
[email protected]
8 part, PG-13, MSR, 9/6/1999.
Mulder is taken hostage by a militant group, and Scully deals with that and with her brother.

Jessica ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 2/7/2000.
The events of Orison with flashbacks to Irresistible; Scully POV

[email protected]
1 part, PG, Vignette, 9/21/1999.
The most terrifying enemy of all is found within. A killer watches and reflects on the FBI agents examining his crime scene.

Liz Novak ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 7/26/1996.
This story was inspired by some other stories that I have read from EMXC, but mostly it was inspired by the CD, "Touch", by Sarah McLachlan. The song "Vox" used in the story is from that CD and was used without permission, no copyright infringements were intended. For some reason, the songs all remind me of our heros.

Reflections of a Rainy Night
dlynn ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 3/23/2000.
An innocent question, asked at a crime scene, leads Mulder into contemplation.

Reflections on a Rainy Night 2: Morning's Promise
dlynn ([email protected])
7 part, NC-17, MSR, 3/30/2000.
I felt drawn back to my first, Reflections of a Rainy Night. It's always held a special place in my heart.

Reflections on a Rainy Night 3: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13
dlynn ([email protected])
13 part, R, MSR, 5/11/2000.
"All things" are not always what they seem....

Reflections on the Abyss
William Simon ([email protected])
1 part, R, Story, 6/5/1995.
One of the first "X FILES SIM" stories, featuring a new and different group of agents. In this one, an Agent must wrestle with his own conscience, and the difference between Law and Justice.

Part 1 Part 2
Exley_61 ([email protected])
2 part, PG-13, MSR, 11/15/1999.
In one instant, everything changes for Mulder. With one look, he is prompted to search for a different truth. A truth as seemingly elusive and as obscure as any X-file......

Carol Jenner ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 3/11/1996.
After a near fatal head wound Mulder is given the opportunity to change three instances in his life he regretted most.

Em Laurence ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 6/12/1996.
This is depressing, but so is life. Go with it. Definitely attaching a tissue warning on this, though.

Regular People
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Cathleen Faye ([email protected])
4 part, R, MSR, 8/30/2000.
Set in 1998. Thwarted plans, impulsive decisions and unexpected visitors can sometimes make two FBI agents into regular people.

Regular People Still
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Cathleen Faye ([email protected])
7 part, NC-17, MSR, 9/3/2000.
We're back in 1998 where Mulder and Scully are continuing their sojourn. This means talk about issues between them, discoveries large and small, lots of sex, some laughter, some sadness, and a touch of urgency as they are fast running out of time to be regular people.

Reinventing Alex
[email protected]
1 part, PG, Story, 8/17/1998.
A one-armed man contemplates the events of The End.

Rekindling the Flame
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Jennifer Farwell ([email protected])
4 part, PG, MSR, 12/5/1996.
A romance and angst piece, with a flashback. After some unexpected developments between Mulder and Scully during an out-of-town case, bad things happen to good people. But a year later, some flames start to rekindle, and things begin to change...

Rekindling the Flame 2: Burning
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Jennifer Farwell ([email protected])
3 part, PG, MSR, 2/19/1997.
After returning to Washington from Misty Point, old doubts and inner demons begin to resurface, as Mulder and Scully's relationship progresses. Romance warning.

Rekindling the Flame 3: Backdraft
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Jennifer Farwell ([email protected])
4 part, PG, MSR, 11/25/1997.
A visit from a longtime friend wrenches the hearts and lives of Scully & Mulder, and an action by Mulder made a little too soon only adds to the turmoil.

Rekindling the Flame 4: Into the Fire
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Jennifer Farwell ([email protected])
3 part, PG, MSR, 1/26/1998.
The aftermath of 'Rekindling III: Backdraft'. Scully and Mulder get a little help from Margaret Scully, as they try to deal with the events of Christmas Eve night. MSR warning.

The Relapse
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Susan Proto ([email protected])
4 part, PG-13, MSR, 6/25/1998.
Illness strikes and it takes the compassion and understanding of Scully and Skinner to help Mulder get through it and his recovery.

[email protected]
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/3/1998.
Maybe Mulder's finally worked up the courage to let her go. Just a suggestion...

dlynn ([email protected])
1 part, G, Vignette, 2/19/2000.
Mulder and Scully stumble across some sentimental treasures.

Remember Me
Sandra D. Favela ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 9/27/1999.
Mulder and Scully get the opportunity to just hang out as friends, but something very special occurs that will change their lives forever.

Remember Me 1: Remember Me...
Diana Alexander ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, UST, 4/13/1998.
In January 1989, a man and a woman meet, exchange stories, and a ring.

Remember Me 2: I Remember...
Diana Alexander ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 4/22/1998.
In the sequel to "Remember Me...", Mulder and Scully discuss the ring that hangs around Mulder's neck years after their first meeting in 1989.

FBI_Woman ([email protected])
1 part, G, MSR, 2/16/1999.
A 19-year-old girl reads her grandmother's journal and is granted with a lesson for life.

A Reminder
Jennifer Lyon ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Vignette, 2/17/1996.
This is simply a scene that I could see occurring at the end of the episode "Grotesque" in the third season. It does contain some spoilers, and it would be hard to understand this story without having seen that episode. This is a very short addendum to that episode.

Emily Siazon ([email protected])
1 part, R, Slash, 12/15/1998.
Frohike thinks back to an affair he had in his youth.

[email protected]
1 part, PG, UST, 10/11/1999.
After being a big-time jerk to Scully, Mulder must make amends.

The Request
[email protected]
1 part, PG, UST, 5/7/2001.
Scully asks Mulder to be the father of her child.

The Rescue
Marlene A. Becker ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 8/21/1995.
CancerMan decides to replace Skinner with a more manageable Assistant Director - but he didn't count on Mulder being a witness to the abduction. Now Mulder has to effect a rescue before he winds up with a CancerMan clone for a boss.

The Rescue
Cody Nelson ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 3/18/1996.
Mary Sue rescues Ratboy from the silo. :)

Rescue 1
[email protected]
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 10/17/1998.
Scully makes a sacrifice for Mulder

Rescue 2: Aftermath
[email protected]
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 1/18/1999.
The Aftermath of Rescue

dlynn ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/1/2001.
Thin, oval slivers of gold chained together in delicate links -- a cross, no bigger than her finger's utilitarian nail, dangled from the flaxen strand. Yesterday. This morning? It didn't matter; she had lost it.

Jennifer Lyon ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 10/19/1995.
My continuation of the last scene of the episode "Paper Clip." This is pure erotica, ie sex between Mulder and Scully.

Restless Vespers
Blackwood ([email protected])
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 1/10/2002.
It's not the critic who counts.

Restored to Grace
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Blackwood ([email protected])
3 part, R, MSR, 2/15/2000.
Mulder has a theory. Doesn't he, always?

Margie Maggiulli ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, Slash, 9/3/1998.
Skinner gets more than he bargained for in a NJ rest stop. Skinner/ Other Slash

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16
Ophelia ([email protected])
16 part, NC-17, MSR, 9/21/2001.
Something very angry is haunting a tiny graveyard on the Vineyard.

Cody Nelson ([email protected])
4 part, NC-17, Slash, 7/21/1997.
Followup to Gethsemane. Mulder discovers the truth about Krycek--and a chance to save Scully's life.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Raymond Gilford ([email protected])
5 part, R, Story, 3/4/1996.
The events in this story occur during the month afterthose in "Dark Angel" and prior to "Healing Time" by Jennifer Lyon. Mulder and Scully investigate deaths which seem to be related to Satanist activity.

The Return
M Blankenship ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 4/23/1995.
Set in the future. Mulder has finally found Sam but was forced into hiding in order to keep her safe. The story deals with his return to Washington DC.

The Return
Jane Matyskella ([email protected])
1 part, G, UST, 8/14/1995.
This takes place after Anasazi. It's not what *did* happen (in The Blessing Way) but it's what *could* have happened in an alternate X-Files universe. Warning: the ending leaves you hanging!

The Return
Randi Lynne Gross ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 7/14/1996.
"Mulder I think you should come over. Someone is here." "Who?" "Melissa"

The Return
Rotem Shahar ([email protected])
1 part, G, MSR, 1/15/2002.
Is Mulder really back?

The Return 1
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Suzanne Bickerstaffe ([email protected])
4 part, PG-13, Story, 12/2/1995.
An old friend of Mulder's returns against all odds (and from the dead) to help him and Scully solve the kidnapings of two Maine college students. The people who brought you the F. emasculata virus are at it again, and this time the agents end up as the guinea pigs when their cover is blown.

The Return 2: Links
Part 1 Part 2
Suzanne Bickerstaffe ([email protected])
2 part, PG, Story, 5/25/1996.
This follows "The Return" also by Ecks. Revelations by an old ally about Mulder's past shake his fundamental beliefs.

The Return 3: Contact
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
Suzanne Bickerstaffe ([email protected])
9 part, PG-13, X-File, 12/9/1996.
Deep Throat makes Mulder an offer he can't refuse - the chance to fly to Finland to make contact with and (if possible) protect some aliens from a crashed UFO before they are hunted down by the Blue Berets. In the course of their adventures, they come to some realizations about the complex relationship between them.

Return to Innocence
Kris Abel ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 1/6/1996.
Mulder turns to Scully for comfort when his mother is killed.

Return to Reality
Angela W. ([email protected])
1 part, NC-17, MSR, 7/10/2000.
Mulder, having woken up in the hospital experiencing partial amnesia, tries to assimilate the changes that have taken place between him and Scully during the past year.

Returning The Cross
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 7/11/1998.
Scully receives her cross from Mulder. Missing scene from the movie.

Bruce Carter ([email protected])
1 part, G, Story, 2/1/1995.
This crossover with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (yes REALLY) is set in the timeframe between the fist and second seasons, when Scully has been abducted by aliens. They lack the power to return her to the right timeframe, but instead bring Mulder 1870's Colorado Springs to rescue her.

Yvonne Harrison ([email protected])
1 part, PG, Story, 10/20/1996.
Reunion doesn't feature much except the standard 'Samantha comes back' scenario. I don't know if it's that much different from anything else that's been done about this subject. However, it's short so may be that counts for something :-).

The Reunion
Erin M. Blair ([email protected])
1 part, PG, MSR, 12/4/2003.
Mulder and Scully reunite later in Mulder's apartment.



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