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Tamara (
The Key
1 part, G, MSR, 5/17/1997.
This scene takes place a few weeks after Small Potatoes. Its a little take on what could happen if Scully ever loses her keys.

Tamy Erickson (
Green Velvet
1 part, NC-17, Slash, 8/15/1997.
Scully decides to forgo writing a report for Mulder in favor of a fun time with a certain blonde in a Green Velvet Nightgown.

Tamy Erickson (
The Necklace
1 part, PG, Story, 12/23/1997.
A little look into Scully's past, in an attempt to explain the glaring inconsistency of the Necklace time frame. Last scene of Emily &Post Emily (as opposed to Emily Post?) Spoilers: Emily, big time!

Tamy Erickson (
1 part, PG, Artwork, 1/2/1998.
Pencil drawing of Gillian Anderson. (JPEG)

Tamy Erickson (
Dark Scully
1 part, G, Artwork, 1/27/1998.
Pencil sketch of Scully )JPEG).

Tamy Erickson (
Untitled artwork 1
1 part, PG, Artwork, 2/10/1998.
Pencil drawing of Gillian Anderson. (JPEG)

Tamy Erickson (
Untitled artwork 2
1 part, PG, Artwork, 2/11/1998.
Pencil drawing of Gillian Anderson. (JPEG)

Tanja (
You're my inspiration
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
3 part, G, MSR, 2/9/1999.
Mulder realizes how he feels about Scully and finally acts on it.

Tanja (
Twist of Fate
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 2/12/1999.
Pretending to be a couple, things change between Mulder and Scully.

Tanja (
Moment of truth
1 part, G, MSR, 3/2/1999.
Eddie van Blundth changes things between Mulder and Scully

Tanja (
Tell A Friend
1 part, G, MSR, 3/31/1999.
Mulder and Scully tell the same person how they feel about each other.

Tanja (
This time I'll tell you
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/12/1999.
The truth is out there, and Mulder tells Scully.

Tanja (
You are the sunshine of my life
1 part, G, MSR, 5/14/1999.
Mulder and Scully and some mood control.

Tanja (
You're My Past, You're My Future
Part 1 Part 2
2 part, PG, MSR, 5/17/1999.
Scully is in a coma in the hospital and Mulder is confronted with the past.

Tanja (
I won't give up on you
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/20/1999.
Some thoughts in a hospital room.

Tanja (
From this moment
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/23/1999.
Mulder, Scully and a surprise for Diana!

Tanja (
Dancing on the beach
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/25/1999.
Mulder remembers a girl that was dancing on the beach.

Tanja (
Music Box 1: I've been thinking about you
1 part, PG, MSR, 5/26/1999.
Scully's dating somebody, when she realizes that something is missing, or would it be better to say somebody?
Undead Memories
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
4 part, PG-13, X-File, 10/17/1998.
Agent Alexandra Jacobs was both excited and scared to meet with Agents Mulder and Scully. She had meet Mulder before, but she had only heard of Scully. Alex walked down the hallway taking steps as big as her petite frame would allow. She stopped in front of a basement office in the J. Edgar Hoover building, she hoped this was going to be a good experience, at least she knew Mulder was aware of her past, and this eased her mind some. She knocked on the door.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
To Share This Room
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
4 part, PG, MSR, 3/6/2000.
And how would you propose that they got off the ice?

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Reclaiming Christmas
1 part, PG, Vignette, 5/14/2000.
Ghosts of cases past help ease the trials of the present.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 01: Failed Vigilance
1 part, G, MSR, 6/12/2000.
"Years of careful vigilance ended at the edge of the Oregon woods, when I failed in the promise I made to my eight-year-old self, and to Scully."

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 02: Retreat and Regroup
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/13/2000.
Not all reunions are happy ones. This is the second story in the 'Threnody' series, but can be happily read as a stand alone.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 03: Encouraging Reluctant Truths
1 part, G, MSR, 6/14/2000.
Someone had to be the one to tell her. He just wished that someone didnˆt have to be him. Third in the ongoing Threnody series.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 04: Rolling with the Punches
1 part, G, MSR, 6/15/2000.
Scully has her fair share of visitors while in the hospital. Everyone but the one person she wants most to see.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 05: Sublimation and Orchestration
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/28/2000.
It's time to get down to business. Just as soon as Langley gets his fix, and Frohike gets some clothes on...

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 06: Penciling Lines
1 part, PG, MSR, 6/29/2000.
In both personal and professional interactions, the establishment of boundaries is crucial.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 07: Satisfying Appetites
1 part, PG, MSR, 7/16/2000.
Scully gets an unexpected visit from a stranger.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 08: Confession of Sins
1 part, PG, MSR, 7/26/2000.
Final hours lead to final chances for redemption and forgiveness. Scully plays confessor to the devil.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 09: Over Coffee and Croissants
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/3/2000.
Scully and Skinner bring one another up to date, much to their dismay.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 10: Collision
Part 1 Part 2
2 part, R, MSR, 8/28/2000.
Another first meeting between partners.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 11: Lines of Communication
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 8/30/2000.
Mulder helps Scully cope with the many changes that have taken place since he's been gone.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 12: First Steps
1 part, PG, MSR, 8/31/2000.
First steps are always the most difficult.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 13: Thickening
1 part, PG, MSR, 11/7/2000.
The plot thickens...

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Threnody 14: What We Make of It
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 2/26/2001.
En route ruminations.

Tarin Z. Kesumin (
Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
5 part, R, MSR, 3/19/2001.
The thing that you must remember is that Mulder was missing, to begin with. This one thing you must remember, or none of the events you are about to read will seem wondrous.

Taylor Nelson (
Forgotten Years
1 part, G, Story, 4/5/1995.
M&S investigate abductions Down Under.

Taylor Nelson (
Shed a Little Light
1 part, G, Vignette, 4/28/1995.
M writes a letter to the Eveready Co. (from a humorous flashlight discussion)

Ten (
That Tower of Furniture
1 part, R, MSR, 6/27/1998.
During Detours, Mulder made Scully a certain promise...

Ten (,
The Tower Has Two Faces
1 part, R, MSR, 6/29/1998.
Scully's POV of "That Tower of Furniture", and her transformation into a very fulfilled woman.

Ten (,
Making It
Part 1 Part 2
2 part, R, MSR, 7/19/1999.
Mulder thinks back over the different and unexpected milestones he and Scully have reached ever since a certain night spent on his couch. He has finally made ways he never dared to hope for.

Ten (,
Making It 2: Making It Legal
3 part, R, MSR, 7/21/1999.
It is Scully's turn to think back over all the much prayed for changes that have occurred in her life since she and Mulder ended up in each other's arms on his couch.

Teresa Keane (
Samantha's Destiny
1 part, G, Vignette, 10/3/1998.
Samantha has something to say to her older brother.

Teresa Keane (
Fight The Break Of Dawn
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 5/17/1999.
An alternative to Chris Carter's "Redux"

Teresa Keane (
If You Could Only See
1 part, G, MSR, 8/22/1999.
The X Files are closed when the Syndicate finds out that Mulder and Scully are romantically involved. Mulder goes to Skinner when he finds his Letter of Dismissal. A conversation about love, life, and the choices one must make along the way results.

Teresa Keane (
The Moment At The End Of The World 2
1 part, G, MSR, 3/9/2000.
Sequel to Dianora's "The Moment At The End Of The World". Lt. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully meet at the brink of the Civil War.

Teresa Keane (
And Silence Reigned Supreme
1 part, PG-13, MSR, 4/13/2000.
Response to SciNut of EMXC's Post "En Ami" fic challenge - Mulder's reaction to Scully's trip with the CSM

Teresa Owens (
Good Soldiers
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
5 part, PG, Story, 11/15/1997.
Skinner's past in Vietnam comes back to haunt him.

Teresa Owens (
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
4 part, PG-13, X-File, 12/26/1997.
When an important vial falls into Mulder and Scully's hands, a "rat" comes in search of it.

Teresa Owens (
Vial 2
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9
9 part, R, X-File, 1/26/1998.
Mulder falls into a coma as a result of the contents of the vial. Scully is left alone to find out why...but she is not alone in her search. And only Krycek holds her answers. Um, ah, I'll have to go with maybe like an R rating cause there's an attempted rape scene. As for the rest, it's pretty much along the lines of Vial (the original). If you ain't read the first part, you better read it or else you'll be lost in this one.

Teresa Owens ( & Ashley Evans (
The X-Factor
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
6 part, PG, Story, 1/25/1999.
A bored vampire ropes in a hapless FBI agent to stir up his town. Because Mulder is the agent in question, things don't turn out like they should.

Terri Monture (
Pennyroyal Tea
1 part, PG, Story, 10/29/1995.
Mulder meets a reluctant psychic who has news for him ...

Terri Monture (
Ghost In My Bed
1 part, PG, UST, 10/29/1995.
Mulder is dead. Scully is in mourning ...

Terri Monture (
All I Want is You
Part 1 Part 2
2 part, PG-13, MSR, 1/29/1996.
Mulder's relationship with another woman causes him and Scully to discover their true feelings for each other.

Terri Monture (
No Small Consequence
1 part, PG, MSR, 3/20/1996.
Dana Scully examines her feelings for a certain Fox Mulder and comes to a decision

Terri Monture (
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
4 part, PG, MSR, 12/3/1996.
It's set in the future after Mulder has disappeared and a fearful Scully gets in contact with him. It's full of serious Scully angst and some mild but bittersweet MSR ...

Terri Monture (
Paper Weight
1 part, PG, Story, 12/29/1996.
Scullyangst in the wake of her partner's disgrace. PG -- some bad words. 4th season, "Paper Hearts" spoilers! Slightly MSR/USTy.

Terri Monture (
You Wouldn't Abandon Me
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/19/1997.
This is a quickie in response to SciNut's "Never Again" challenge ... Mulderangst after Scully's Philadelphia adventure. Mild MSR.

Terri Monture (
Exquisite Corpse
1 part, G, UST, 7/29/1997.
A corpse, philosophy, memories and angst Spoilers: Post-Memento Mori, Pre-Gethsemane

Terri Monture (
Grey Sky
1 part, G, Vignette, 1/28/1998.
Scully tells Mulder to go to sleep. This is a self-imposed writing exercise. No story, just some pathos and exhaustion ...

Terri Monture (
Erase Today
1 part, PG-13, UST, 12/23/1998.
What happens when you've had a very bad day?

Terri Monture (
1 part, PG, UST, 5/12/1999.
Scully has the blues because of Mulder's willingness to trust Diana Fowley...

Terri Monture (
Calm Blue Nowhere
1 part, PG, MSR, 2/7/2000.
Scully finds solace.




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